Our System for Culture Change

Indigenous cultures are known to have lived in perfect balance with nature, and for the most part each other, for longer than recorded history can measure. They accomplished this by valuing culture above all else. Their principles for living are highly applicable to the modern realm of organizational culture, and by integrating indigenous principles into the art of doing business we can effectively and enjoyably strengthen culture.

Why Indigenous?

Our system could just as well be based on any number of ancient traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Cabala, Sufism, Greek Philosophy and others. As we have found, when a person commits themselves to a life-long study of any particular ancient tradition they will be led to the same place—to “Know thyself”, to explore within, and to gain the wisdom that comes from years of exploring values and how they hold us together. Our expertise is in the indigenous realm and in directly applying their wisdoms to the world of business.

Who Are We?

Glenn Geffcken, partner of Balanced Is brings an extensive and varied background in the corporate world together with more than nineteen years of immersion in North American indigenous culture and spirituality. Glenn bridges these two worlds to incorporate the best of both. See Glenn’s bio here

Partner Maria Rueda brings her indigenous ancestry and intuitive approach to business. Maria’s special way of communicating is both wise and compassionate. See Maria’s bio here

Together, Glenn and Maria offer a complete system for culture change that brings greater innovation, engagement, and remarkability.

Our Approach

Our system is non linear. There is no checklist or point-by-point set of instructions. Although there is a process, that is more circular than linear. Our focus is both intellectual and heart based. In fact it represents an integration between heart and mind, and in so doing, we create a balance of the analytical with intuition, and the process-driven with creativity.

Female Rain by Maria Rueda

Values Instilled

As children we were taught by our parents the importance of basic values like telling the truth, doing our best, being kind to one another, and so on. Yet, merely being told of those values did not make us adopt them, for it is said that children are what they live, i.e. our parents are the example. And yet, we still had to go through our own life experiences and learn certain things on our own, adopting some values from our parents and developing others on our own.

So too, with the evolution of business culture. We can learn about the values that enhance business performance or about principles for cultural shift, yet without feeling our way into those values and principles the changes will not stick, or will only be minimally effective.

How It Works

Indigenous principles can be studied and learned, yet their teachings also provide a way of enhancing our emotional connection to our value system—a way of more deeply integrating them into our daily lives and working world, and therefore making them authentic for us. By integrating the principles as a complete system, together with feeling our way into them, our culture will change dynamically, gradually, and consistently.

Consider This

The only constant in today’s world is constant change. Therefore learning to adapt and flow with a changing environment can become our greatest strength.

If you have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a change in performance, innovation, creativity, and adaptability, but are not sure how to shift your paradigm, we offer you a system and a path to achieve real and lasting change.
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