Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change

Many of our greatest business thought leaders proclaim that the most powerful way to transform a business is to transform its culture. In Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, author Glenn Geffcken offers a culturally based process and path to help move companies from stagnation to change, from mediocrity to innovation, and from disconnection to harmony.

Geffcken details a set of principles that underlie indigenous societies throughout the world—principles that have kept them in a state of grace and harmony with nature for longer than recorded history can account. Shift discusses how these indigenous wisdoms hold the key to adaptability to a changing landscape; an expansive creative vision, passion, and purpose; and a way of doing business that provides the confidence to face any challenge.

Shift: Indigenous Principles For Corporate Change

Through personal stories and experiences from Glenn Geffcken’s twenty-four years in the corporate world, in parallel with an eighteen-year immersion in North American indigenous culture and religion, Shift traces a path of self-discovery and consideration of cultural precept. It draws on the wisdom of indigenous cultures, their teachings, and their implications for significant transformation of core behaviors, beliefs, values, and ethics—which, taken as a whole, represent a paradigm shift of magnitude rarely seen in the business world. Geared toward businesspeople and entrepreneurs focused on cultural as a force of positive change, Shift offers a methodology to help you break free and consider a different course.


“Glenn Geffcken’s SHIFT makes the innovative and exciting proposal that entrepreneurs and businesses can take major steps forward by embracing the traditions and wisdoms of Indigenous people. Geffcken identifies thirteen basic principles and shows how they can be used to transform organizations and individuals in innovative ways.”

F. David Peat

Physicist, Thinker, and author of more than twenty books including Black Foot Physics: A Journey into the Native American Universe and Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm

“Having read with increasing affection Glenn Geffcken’s new book – ‘Shift’, I am struck by how appropriate and timely is the title…

“Glenn Geffcken translated the wisdom of Indigenous Cultures to make this accessible and pragmatic for forward-looking leaders in organizations and Corporations. These indigenous peoples know that communities (Companies) need to be coherent within themselves and totally inclusive and also it is best for that unique organization of people, when they are in harmony with the wider global society, the local ecology and the whole Earth…

“Glenn Geffcken’s qualitative research, story-telling and intuitive wisdom laid out in this book are a necessary ingredient to enable leaders to ‘feel’ that their staff, customers, suppliers, even shareholder and the community in which you serve, are humans with souls whom, when dealt with in this way will always be loyal and grow your business. Also the ‘story telling’ makes ‘Shift’ a good read.”

Lord Stone of Blackheath

Member of House of Lords, UK, Former Managing Director of Marks & Spencer plc and Trustee of several philanthropic organisations

As the multiple generations ago, Granddaughter of a Mohawk chief, I am totally in tune with this work. Geffcken has imbued this book with BIG messages that matter to us today in all walks of life, including corporate. My Grandfather, told me stories of how wisdom that comes from Archetypical roles has the possibility of regenerating great things. I have found it to be true for me and greatly appreciate the personal expressing of that is this book. An inspiring and instructional read.

Carol Sanford

Author of The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game Changing Entrepreneurs for Founders, Leaders and Impact Investors, and the multiple award winning book, The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success

“As many of us know, there is a deep well of wisdom and inspiration in the spiritual teachings and practices of native peoples. Glenn Geffcken has lowered his intellectual bucket into that well and come up with soul-calming insights that are especially relevant today, as we transition from a system where money values rule over the life cycle to one where life values rule over the money cycle.”

Kevin Danaher

Co-Founder, Global Exchange, Green Festivals, Fair Trade USA. Danaher is the author or editor of thirteen books, including Building The Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots

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Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change


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