Attending workshops can sometimes seem like a burden. They can also invigorate, inspire and catalyze, and . . . they can also be fun.

At the end of the day, we ask ourselves what do we take home with us? After all, if we take time out of our busy schedules to participate, we want it to matter.

Our WHY is to deliver meaningful content to those who wish to bring positive change.

Brand/Identity & Marketing Strategy

Flexible Durations: three or six-hour workshops available

People respond to brands that tell stories, either visually or in words. We search for the difference you make in the lives and businesses of those you serve, and guide in the crafting of your unique story.

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of Simon Sinek and the “Golden Circle,” in which innovative businesses lead from their WHY, we help participants create their unique WHY statements. We empower individuals to own their uniqueness and translate it into compelling marketing language and visuals—all in the context of viable business models.

Together with an authentic brand, we explore marketing strategy with a focus on content and Internet.

Communication & Connection

Flexible Durations: two-hour, four-hour and full-day options available

Innovative culture comes about when teams connect more deeply and authentically, and our primary tool for connection is communication.

While we spend decades of our lives studying academically, and then more time developing our craft through on-the-job experience, when do we invest time to strengthen our communication skills?

Our process of engagement provides an environment in which participants feel safe and comfortable enough to explore deeper levels of communication. We help participants develop greater sensitivity to differences in communication styles, ways of connecting more authentically, and the courage to face into challenging situations and conversations with empathy and understanding.

Workshop participants find our processes to be challenging, fun and inspiring, and many come away with new insights and a feeling of greater connection with coworkers and colleagues.

Core Values & Team Building

Flexible Durations: two-hour, four-hour and full-day options available

Establishing organizational core values can be hollow and ineffective at driving culture and engagement. They can also be pivotal and inspiring.

Eron famously proclaimed values of communication, respect and integrity, and yet their practices showed the opposite. co-created core values that the company lives and breathes by every day, and their success has been noteworthy.

We co-create core values that authentically represent the true essence of an organization and the values it aspires to. We provide a container of trust and respect in which individuals feel safe enough to express their true feelings related to the values a company embodies or falls short of, and we guide in the process of creating unique narratives around each core value.

Once crafted, we coach on the integration of core values into every aspect of an organization, which is how we activate the true power of core values.

I cannot speak highly enough about our work with Balanced Is! Maria and Glenn met with our group to talk about effective communication within teams. During our conversations we talked about valuing different communication styles and understanding the meaning behind the words we say. Our group felt safe as they guided engaging conversations. We left the meeting valuing each others different communication styles and with groundwork ready to tackle the next phase of team building. We will invite Glenn and Maria back to help our group develop core values and define our working culture.

Donna Toole

Executive Director, Child Care Center of FPC Asheville

“Glenn and Maria’s Culture Workshop created a very special space for reflection and growth I seldom get to have in my 9 to 5 lifestyle. Taking the time to sit outside, connect with nature, and commune with my inner self, while being prompted to think about my work, my company, and my vision for the future was extremely beneficial. It was a day full of realizations and epiphanies that I found to be inspiring and useful.”

Sarah Benoit

Director of Training & Lead Trainer for JB Media Institute, JB Media

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