What if much of what we’ve been told about how to do business is wrong? What if the very qualities and skills that help us succeed the most are the very things we’ve been told to avoid?

Glenn inspires audiences to think differently, approach work and life in a new way, and to develop their own individual vision for the life they are truly capable of living and the difference they can make.


Bridging The Gap From Purpose to Profit

Studies increasingly show how purpose-driven leadership results in more successful businesses, meaning that by equally focusing attention on profitability and purpose, companies actually become more profitable than if their focus were to be mainly on profit. And yet much of what we are taught about how to do business and how to build a successful career is to maintain a hyper focus on revenue and efficiency.

Glenn Geffcken bridges the gap between seemingly disparate understandings and approaches to bring insight and clarity. Glenn shows us how to bridge the worlds of tactics and strategy with heart and purpose, and that by doing so we find greater fulfillment from our work, inspire people, create movements, and are financially successful at the same time.

  • How to actualize vision and purpose
  • How to develop purpose in an organization and align it with culture
  • How to stimulate employee engagement with purpose
  • How to balance employee morale with financial objectives

Glenn’s message is applicable to business leaders, professionals, college students and anyone exploring new ways of doing business.

Bridging Cultures: From The Modern World To The Indigenous

Having spent nearly two decades immersed in indigenous culture, most specifically through an adoption and training by a family of traditional Navajo people, and nearly three decades in the business world, Glenn has found an amazing congruency and compatibility between these two seemingly disparate realms. Glenn shows how traditional indigenous people have been no less engaged in business than those we think of in the modern sense, as work and livelihood have been a part of indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

The difference in our modern culture is that we’ve built a business construct on a story that largely reduces people to mere assets recorded in financial terms, while indigenous culture has thrived for thousands of years based on a story in which people are the central players who both serve nature and benefit from it.

Using story and metaphor Glenn invites listeners to journey into age-old indigenous understandings, and to explore the meaning and significance of indigenous culture for our modern world. Glenn shares some of the principles he wrote about in his book, Shift: Indigenous Principles for Corporate Change, and how these principles can help us cope with a world out of balance, and most importantly, how through these principles we can become agents of positive change.

  • Indigenous communication and its use of metaphor and verb
  • Biological and Spirit family
  • The importance of elders for carrying culture forward
  • The concept of the four directions and its applicability for modern times

Videos & Podcasts

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Jennings Wire Podcast Interview: “Indigenous Principles For Corporate Change”

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Glenn Geffcken

Glenn says, “Anytime we hold conversations about how we can birth new ideas into life, the more we can engender a focus on culture the more new ideas will come forward with verve and impact.”

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Our organization has hired Glenn to present multiple times and every time he delivers a thought-provoking, detailed, and informative experience for our clients. He is masterful at encouraging personal and professional self-reflection in a way that reaches those who are new to thinking about core values and company culture. Glenn offers practical advice for how to take a business to the next level by having a purpose and thinking beyond the numbers. Our clients feel more empowered and aware of how to approach business in a way that is sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable; a combination they weren’t sure was possible before!

Stacy Lutz-Ovies

Early Childhood Program Consultant, Buncombe Partnership For Children

What The Swarmers Are Saying

“Glenn and Maria’s introduction of the elder concept was inspirational.”

“Glenn and Maria are fantastic speakers. They drove the conversations to a place where people felt comfortable sharing feedback on the exercises we were doing.”

“Glenn and Maria’s Energy Behind Words exercise was both challenging and enlightening.”

“The presentations on indigenous culture was compelling and made me dig deeper to think about my own connections with people in and out of work.”

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