We help organizations and individuals address the root drivers of culture so they can effectively strengthen it and build organizations of lasting legacy. We assist with strategies and tactics that lead to strong cultures, and even more importantly, we help leaders navigate and affect the root drivers of culture in their unique organizations.

Culture Shift

Where culture and engagement efforts most often fall short is in relying too much on the tangible elements of culture, such as employee perks, compensation packages, and policies. The intangible elements, such as the energy beneath communications and the sense of purpose that people feel within an organization are what truly drive the culture.

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. — Peter Drucker

The good news is that there is a tangible process that leads us to the intangible shifts necessary to build a strong culture.

Our process bridges the intangible with the tangible, so that action plans are not merely trial and error based on emulation of other companies with strong cultures, but are actually tailor made to each organization we work with.

“If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.” — J.W. Marriott

Four step manifesto for organizational change:

Step One: We widen our perspective to people, planet, and profits
Step Two: We come to understand HOW our company functions
Step Three: We accept the reality of our company regardless of what it looks like
Step Four: We courageously and continually engage in a process of growth and evolution

For a business owner, even one trying to focus ON the business, it can be hard to see a holistic and complete picture of what is going on within the team and company culture. Working with Balanced Is was a very helpful and rewarding experience. After only about six months I am feeling a lot more clarity that has come from having defined core values and a better framework for approaching projects, the hiring process and other important decisions regarding the business.

Justin Belleme

CEO, JB Media Group

When I decided to re-brand my company I sought out the help of a branding expert. I was lucky enough to find Glenn. His philosophy of building on the culture within the business and his approachable demeanor has made the often stressful re-branding process an exciting and enjoyable journey. Thank you Glenn.

Keith Wimsett

Owner, Inspire Personal Fitness

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