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We listen, we learn, and we come to understand what is unique about you and your organization.

Coaching and mentoring is a relationship, and in any relationship it’s important that we listen actively and honor each other in both our strengths and weaknesses. In this way trust and respect grows, as well as the knowing we have for how to guide and support you to do your best work and create positive change.

“For a business owner, even one trying to focus ON the business, it can be hard to see a holistic and complete picture of what is going on within the team and company culture. Working with Balanced Is was a very helpful and rewarding experience. After only about six months I am feeling a lot more clarity that has come from having defined core values and a better framework for approaching projects, the hiring process and other important decisions regarding the business.”

Justin Belleme

CEO, JB Media Group

Working with Glenn has been amazing for me and my business. We’ve transformed from just being a business that sells a service, to a community that provides for our clients as they provide for us. I highly recommend working with Glenn at the start of, during, and throughout your business planning and development.

Taija Ventrella

Owner, Vitality Fitness Asheville

Never before had I met such a great and charismatic business coach…Glenn understood what was in the way of my business being fully successful, and what to do to help me move it forward.

Adriana Adarve

Owner, Adarve Translations

Glenn is gifted with so much vision that he inspires great creativity in the process of ferreting out other people’s visions. I thought I understood what I was about, and why. Through working with him on branding, I discovered that my business is so much BIGGER than I’d known…I find myself working now with a brighter glow, knowing I can show who I am and what I most care about, and in doing so have a big impact.

Elana Kann

Owner, Wood Doing Good

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