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Glenn Geffcken

Glenn has been writing the Heart & Mind blog for four years with more than 140 posts. He has also written for a variety of websites and created brand positioning statements for numerous clients including a personal fitness gym, a translation company, a construction cleaning company, reusable wood products, a restaurant, a non-profit mentoring program, and more.

From opinion pieces, to informational and technical, to brand positioning, and marketing copy that conveys your unique value proposition, Glenn writes smart, well-written, and compelling content that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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Writing Samples From the Heart & Mind Blog

“In nature there is a constant rubbing of discomfort against comfort—all things in a state of comfort eventually decay or transform into a state of discomfort only to renew again and return to comfort. Not unlike our lives and work when we are growing personally and professionally.” — From Leaning In, April, 2015

“It’s like surfing a wave because we don’t push our way to a solution like trying to go faster than the wave, and we also don’t let the wave do the work entirely for us, but rather we work with the wave, sensing and matching our movements to its size and motion. It’s a delicate balance in which we just do our part of riding the wave and making minor movements to guide the board that carries us one way or another. The wave does the heavy work of carrying us forward, much like an organization or group of people set upon a common purpose.” — From Surfing The Wave of Authentic Leadership, May, 2015

“Remember the story of Dorando Pietri, the 1908 Italian Olympic Marathon runner who was disqualified for being helped across the finish line after collapsing three times in his final lap around the stadium track. He lost the race, but won the hearts people across the world. He was an underdog, an unheard of five-foot-two-inch-tall pastry chef, and yet he crossed the finish line first and nearly died of exhaustion. “If we can celebrate the game for what it is (entertainment), and celebrate our work for what it is (self expression), and celebrate the players for how they play the game (character), then can we not also celebrate the effort for what it is (courage). In such a light, are we not all winners? — From The Concept Of Winning, December 2013

“The father, the master tree trimmer, donned a climbing apparatus, strapped spikes to his boots, hooked a chain saw to his belt, along with rope and a small handsaw and ascended the tree. High up in the tree he formed a complex matrix of rope, using the natural shape and angle of the tree, cut wedges, handled his chainsaw as though it were a part of him and artfully dropped large segments of the tree into one singular location of unobstructed lawn. Branches hanging over the deck and house were roped off and leveraged, cut and swung over the open lawn before being carefully lowered on to the growing pile of tree segments. It was art in motion.” — From Don’t Apologize For Your Worth, July, 2015

“The lion is not in competition with the zebra. If they were they would wantonly kill as many zebra as they can so as to quickly decimate their herd. Instead they take no more than just what they need to survive, and wherever possible they capitalize on the work of the hyenas. Their nature of hunting only the sick and the old, and taking no more than they need ensures the continued genetic strength of the zebra.” — From The Lion And The Zebra, April, 2015

Writing Samples – Web Copy

Adarve Translations

Why We Do What We Do
We believe that translations written with honor and respect for diverse cultures will remove barriers and create meaningful connections between people, which enhances the richness of life for all.

How We Do What We Do
How we accomplish this is by translating with sensitivity for the cultures in which we are communicating. We employ all our care and skill to capturing the essence of what is being communicated in the source language, and crafting the translation in such a way that the completed document reads as though it was written originally in the language of the reader.

The quality of our document translation services [keyword phrase ranking on page-one of Google] comes from our passion for language and the communication of concepts, not just words, and our care for the reader understanding those concepts with ease.