We work at the intersection of purpose, connection and innovation.

If all we do is convey WHAT we do, no matter how clever the language or appeal, we’re just a commodity-based product or service, competing based on price and features.

On the other hand, if we convey our WHY, our purpose and reason for being, we connect with our audience in a deeper and more compelling way.

Leading from a place of purpose is also what drives culture, and as the research tells us, the deeper a company’s culture, the more innovative it becomes.

WHAT WE DO: Authentic branding, culture and content.

Authentic Branding

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”Fredrich Nietzche

Authentic branding is about knowing ourselves and being able to articulate the essence of who and what we’re about. Authentic branding takes us to a deeper dimension still, when we infuse our essence into everything we do, visually and in words and actions.

Discovering and defining your uniqueness is what we do—through dialog and process, with empathy and intuition. We co-create with you in a way that honors and celebrates your story.

  • Define your unique WHY: Who are you and what are you about
  • Positioning: How are you different and how to convey that in a compelling way
  • Strategy: Identify and design the most effective ways of connecting with your audience
  • Culture: By living the brand we build strong culture
  • Integration: How to infuse your new language into all your communication channels
  • Business Naming: Brainstorming, research and co-creation
  • Logo Design: Crafted to reflect your unique tone and values
  • Content: Develop compelling narrative that connects with your intended audience
  • Blogging/Photography/Video/Web: Carrying the message through the mediums

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Developing culture is a process. Each company or organization has a culture, whether it be intentionally designed or by happenstance. Our role is to facilitate a process of reaching the core of what and how a company intends its culture to be, and then to guide a gentle and steady process of change.

Culture has been defined as the way things get done. This, of course, is very intangible, as business has most commonly been driven by focusing on the tangible. We help organizations to take a step back, and consider and explore WHY and HOW they do what they do, and then to shape and develop their HOW for a stronger and more dynamic culture.

The HOW we’re referring to is not to be confused with the WHAT. It’s not about the products or the services, or even the techniques you employ. The HOW is your secret sauce—it’s the one thing that only you do in the way that you do, and you may not even know what it is, even though you do it every day. We help you discover and define your unique secret sauce, as it lies at the core of your culture.

Clearly knowing our purpose and being able to articulate it in simple and clear language is the starting point for a stronger culture. Communication is key to the HOW, as how we communicate determines how we connect, and how we connect is what drives innovation.

  • Core Values
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Facilitation
  • Workshops
  • Soft Skills Training

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Every word is important, not just because every word has meaning, but also because every word conveys personality, and good content conveys both meaning and personality. By striving for both we shape and develop content for the greatest impact.

Whether it be for brand positioning, a tagline, a blog or article, web content or a brochure, we strive to infuse the content with the true essence of a brand.

As content is one of the most effective forms of marketing, we begin by working with you to articulate your WHY, as leading from your WHY is far more compelling than merely conveying your WHAT.

An accounting firm is just an accounting firm, and a restaurant is just a restaurant when it’s just about the WHAT. Yes, we all have our areas of specialization, and we may even fulfill a unique market need, but ultimately we have nothing truly compelling to convey if all we do is talk about our WHAT.

When an accounting firm conveys a special purpose, its reason for being, or a restaurant shares that it believes that serving has a deeper purpose, we transition from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Our WHY is to help you connect more deeply with your WHY, and to manifest your deeper purpose in all that you do.

  • Identity
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Web design


We offer a flexible selection of short and long-form workshops carefully crafted to enable and empower individuals and organizations to build brands, develop strategy, strengthen communication and catalyze innovation.

Core Values

We offer in-office workshops for developing core values that are authentic expressions of your company, and we mentor and guide you through the process of developing core values and infusing them throughout your organization and brand.


We guide you and your team through difficult conversations and help you resolve conflict. Glenn and Maria together bring a balance of styles. They practice non-judgment and compassionate listening. Our facilitation process offers the opportunity to uncover sticking points and build group unity.


We speak on culture, identity, leadership, engagement, core values and purpose.

Coaching & Mentoring

We inquire, we listen and we explore. We intuit and discover what is unique and special about you and your company, what your purpose is, and how best to infuse purpose with strategy and brand so you may strengthen your culture and create legacy

Leadership Retreats

We offer leadership retreat experiences in which you will have the opportunity to develop deep listening skills and communication, patience, and an authentic connection with your reason for working and doing business.

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