Talking Circles For Recovery

“I believe that within a space that embodies peace, serenity, and trust people can experience the language of the heart, practice listening to their intuitive voice and honor it throughout their journey of recovery.” — Maria Rueda

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A Path To Healing

Twelve step meetings understandably need to focus exclusively on recovery from addiction, and yet there are additional layers of healing that indirectly strengthen a person’s recovery process. The modality of the talking circle and the container that Maria creates serves as a powerful tool to enable participants to drop into their hearts, learn to listen to their intuitive voice, and embark on a path of deeper healing work.

A Space For Healing

Utilizing smudging, the burning of sage and cedar, guided meditations, and the container created by the talking circle, participants are able to experience a whole new way of communicating, which can be a powerful way of bringing healing to the mind, body and spirit.
Maria provides talking circles and guided meditations for women and men in recovery. By carefully creating a container of peace, serenity, and trust Maria holds a space for healing to occur.
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About Talking Circles

The talking circle is a way of communication using a time-honored tradition from Native American culture in which a stick or a feather is passed from one person to the next without interruption of the person holding the stick or the feather, giving the listener the opportunity to practice compassionate listening.

About Maria

Maria Rueda
Maria Rueda is of Mexican and Apache heritage. She was born in Mexico, and emigrated to the U.S. at age nine.

Maria is an intuitive. She senses in people those deeply seated things that block them from progressing. She is a woman of great wisdom and heart-based communication, and can cut to the core of what blocks progress with gentleness and compassion.

Maria has been walking the path of recovery for more than twenty-five years. Maria’s work is to inspire, to intuit, and to guide people on a path back to their true selves.

Talking Circles For Recovery

Maria offers one-hour and two-hour talking circles for transitional and sober living homes.

For more information and rates you can reach Maria at:
Cell: 828.782.6277


“Maria’s wisdom continues to permeate my life. Her imprint on my heart and her impact on my life continue to make me a better person…She encouraged and supported me to do the things necessary to have a better life, a life filled with love and awareness.” — Allie L.

“Maria has been a constant spiritual and emotional guide for me and has shepherded me through some major life changes. Because of her example, I am learning to live with trust and faith as my guides, rather than by the dictates of my greedy ego…I am honored to know this amazing woman whose heart is so full of love and compassion for her fellow travelers.” — Elizabeth D.

“This new chapter in Maria’s life is based on a well-earned, Spirit-inspired plan to take what she has learned and continue to learn and widen her strong beam of love and inspiration to others.” — Gail R.

The work of Balanced Is

Balanced Is helps businesses and individuals discover and bring to life their purpose for doing what they do, own their true talents, and intentionally design culture for positive change. Talking Circles for Recovery is an offshoot of Balanced Is in which we employ the highly effective modality of the talking circle and Maria’s extensive experience in recovery to bring new dimensions of healing to those in addiction recovery.

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