Studies have shown conclusively that financial incentives motivate behavior or performance only in very simple tasks. Yes we work to make money, but more so we work to do work that matters and to feel a sense of accomplishment. Motivation and engagement flows naturally when team members feel a connection with the purpose and values of their company.


Purpose-driven companies attract purpose-driven employees, and as the research shows, purpose-driven employees are higher performing. The way to become a more purpose-driven company is to re-connect with our true purpose for being in business, and then infuse that purpose into everything we do.


Deepening our connection with our core values is the secret sauce of culture. To find those values that are authentic for us, we look to the original purpose for which we chose our industry and career. Basing the hiring process on values alignment serves as an important filter for attracting high performing employees.


The identity of an organization is both the visual and experiential connection point for employees, customers and investors. When a company’s brand aligns with its values, employees become brand ambassadors, and customers and investors become trusting loyal supporters.

We guide our clients through a careful process that leads us to a unique voice, tone and visual landscape that authentically conveys the essence of a company. We co-create the unique language that compelling conveys what our clients are about. We art direct the creation and/or refinement of brand visuals, and assist in the development of a content marketing strategy.

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