We of Balanced Is, Maria Rueda and Glenn Geffcken, have dedicated our efforts to the application of indigenous principles for living to the modern world of business and commerce for the purpose of catalyzing significant culture shift that brings about greater harmony with nature and with each other. Our vision statement is, “To catalyze, support, and facilitate a continuous evolution of corporate culture as a force for positive change and adaptability.”

We do this through ourselves striving to embody the principles of indigenous society to the best of our abilities. We have a daily practice of applying these principles to our lives, work, and creative pursuits. We endeavor to embody these principles in our work with businesses, organizations, and professional people.


True Colors

Our core values speak to universal respect, dignity, and honor. We honor ourselves, our family, each other, our community, our clients, and our Mother Earth. We ask for and adhere to mutual respect in all our engagements.

In our workshops, this translates to talking circles and the application of the indigenous principles of the Oral Tradition and the Warrior Spirit. We speak in turns, we honor all viewpoints and perspectives, and continually strive to delve deeply into our own patterns of behavior, thoughts, beliefs, self-talk, and our personal stories.

We also strive to bring this exploration into the heart space, to be heart-felt, genuine, and authentic. We believe that by transcending a mere intellectual understanding of the indigenous principles and to develop a heartfelt connection with the principles, that we will achieve a true and meaningful culture shift.