Embracing Uncomfortability

In all our workshops we invite participants to embrace uncomfortability. We do not seek to challenge or judge, or to be harsh or hard-lined. We recognize that for each person to evolve their personal cultural values they need to challenge themselves. We can only invite.

We invite you to feel whatever level of uncomfortability that you are experiencing in any moment whether it be hunger, the need to relieve oneself, lack of sleep, tiredness, sore or stiff muscles, being cold, being hot, feeling impatient with the pace of the workshop, feeling triggered by something someone has said or done, disagreement with things being discussed, or any physical, emotional, or intellectual condition that brings discomfort for you.

We invite you to feel these things and we will provide opportunities to express what you are feeling related to your uncomfortability. As you express what you feel uncomfortable about you will not be judged. This is our commitment to you. We will honor you regardless of what you are feeling, as our aim is to bring you to a place in which you can allow yourself to fully feel whatever it is that you feel uncomfortable about.

The Indigenous ceremonies have taught us that to feel uncomfortable, and to challenge ourselves to move through the uncomfortability, we can achieve a deeper level of learning and understanding. We believe this is why life’s harshest challenges turn out to be our greatest teachers. We believe this is also why all indigenous ceremonies involve great physical challenge and discomfort such as fasting, sleep deprivation, and extremes of heat and cold.

Our workshops are not like ceremonies, but we all feel subtle levels of uncomfortability each day of our lives. In fact most of us tend to be largely driven by the need to end our discomfort. What the indigenous principles teach us, collectively, is that when we are willing to challenge ourselves to consider ideas and values that feel uncomfortable to us, we move into a space of greater discovery, adaptability to change, and embracing a culture that inspires innovation.

We look forward to exploring with you.

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