Leadership Retreats

While we tend to strive for the “what”—the systems, the techniques and steps to progress—could it be the “why” and the “how” that enables us to transcend our work and businesses to new heights?

Our retreats provide participants with an opportunity to experience a different way of listening and communicating, and to explore how values relate to leadership and culture.

We believe that to build the kind of culture that creates legacy we must first explore our own personal values and how they relate to our ability to affect culture and inspire people. As Brené Brown wrote in Daring Greatly, “Culture…is less about what we want to achieve and more about who we are.”

Our retreats provide a serene and relaxed environment, both indoors and in nature, in which we can explore values, culture and purpose.

Within this environment we will also deepen our listening and communications skills, patience, and an authentic connection with our reason for working and doing business.

Leadership Retreat Series

We offer a two-part series. Each part is a two-day experience from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. We schedule the two parts separately so there is time for integration in between.

They are held at retreat centers and we spend most of our time outdoors around a fire. There is flexibility for extremes of weather such as rain or snow.


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Glenn and Maria’s Culture Workshop created a very special space for reflection and growth I seldom get to have in my 9 to 5 lifestyle. Taking the time to sit outside, connect with nature, and commune with my inner self, while being prompted to think about my work, my company, and my vision for the future was extremely beneficial. It was a day full of realizations and epiphanies that I found to be inspiring and useful.

Sarah Benoit

Director of Training & Lead Trainer for JB Media Institute, JB Media

This one-day workshop is packed with information and experiential learning at a very calm, natural pace. I found exploring the principles from indigenous society to be fascinating – but it also resonated with me. I would encourage anyone with a desire to “return to our roots” to participate in this workshop series. In a very positive way, I will carry the experience of this day with me into the future. Thank you, Glenn and Maria for opening your lives and hearts to allow others a chance to learn and build a better world.

Adrienne Clark

Life Coach & Executive Assistant, First Advantage

With Glenn and Maria’s wisdom and simple tools, my perception of how I can run my business, work with my team and engage with my clients has shifted. They helped me to reassess many aspects of how modern Americans look at work. Now, I’m inspired to put profit-making in a secondary seat and stand up for my core values in everything I do. Thank you!

Erin Everett

Owner, Spice Up The World

This workshop was very insightful in many ways. The biggest thing for me was realizing how through the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life, I had forgotten how vitally important it is to connect with our earth mother. We can receive so much nourishment just being connected to her. It is also incredibly liberating to disconnect from all technology.

Stephanie Baker

Maria and Glenn are a great team. They approach the same material from very different perspectives, which adds depth and dimension to their presentation. Their warmth and personal approach to the day brought us together and exemplified some of the indigenous principles we were talking about.

Pamela Patton

The major thing I received from the workshop is a great sense of community and how everything is connected.

Darlene Amacher

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