Importance of Corporate Culture

The challenge of living and working in a world of increasing speed and constant change underscores the importance of corporate culture more than ever. It’s not just that culture is important to long-term success, but that the pace of change in our modern world brought about by rapid technological evolution, the social media revolution, and globalization means that our employees, our vendors and our customers are themselves changing all the time. Keeping the ships aligned on a course of common purpose, stylistic compatibility, and strategy can most effectively be accomplished through a continual focus on on culture and its importance.

Culture: Both the Challenge and the Answer

Focusing on corporate culture is challenging, as culture is a non-tangible thing. We all feel a sense of what our organizational culture is, yet putting our finger on it is difficult. More challenging than defining what is culture though, is how to change company culture. There are many systems available, yet the underlying characteristic that brings us to the tipping point of a culture shifting in the right direction is a consistent and vigorous effort. Focusing on the importance of culture is also the answer, as it gives us both the power to shift our organizations in a direction that brings about above average performance, and the process of cultural evolution is itself a culture. It is as though consistently focusing on culture is sending a message to all our constituents that we truly care about them and want to evolve our organization to one that offers more for everyone connected with it.

How We Help

We begin by focusing on the brand, as who you are and what you’re about tells us about the values and personality that underlie a company. Once we know your brand values and personality, we can extrapolate the operational values that underlie the brand. And, it is those values that serve as the blueprint to building a strong culture.

We work at the intersection of purpose, connection and innovation, assisting our clients to strengthen their brand, build a more meaningful culture, and communicate their their values in a compelling way, which connects with customers, employees, vendors and investors.

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