How to Motivate Employees

On the minds of so many leaders is how to motivate employees and keep them motivated. In parallel, there is a great deal of conversation around the importance of culture to business performance. Unfortunately, much of the HR industry is still largely focused on employee rewards and annual reviews as a means of how to motivate employees, while culture stands as the shining example of a foolproof way to consistently and powerfully motivate employees.

Culture as a Force to Motivate Employees

Tools for the implementation of cultural enhancement programs are still in their infancy state, as the understanding of the importance of corporate culture to business performance and of how to motivate employees has only become widely accepted in recent years. Moreover, there is not yet a clear understanding of what culture is. Sifting through the arduous academic definitions we can boil the understanding of corporate culture down to two things.

  1. The unique personality of an organization that defines the experiences that people have when interacting with it.
  2. The collective value system of an organization which guides and even dictates its decision-making, responses to challenges, and motivation level of its employees, as well as the trust and commitment level of its vendors, investors, and customers.

Thus we can see in this definition that the quandary of how to motivate employees on a consistent basis is intrinsic to the definition of culture.

Motivating Employees Through Indigenous Society

Indigenous Societies the world over have fostered, developed, and perpetuated their cultures throughout the ages without any drift or deterioration. Encoded within the DNA of their cultural framework is a means and a process for the perpetuation of their culture. While their example might seem difficult to grasp in relation to modern corporate culture of the question of how to motivate employees, consider that while technologies, industries, and regulatory environments can change, the value systems that underlie our organizations do not need to change in order to enable organizations to adapt. Consider that while we have allowed our cultures in the modern world to change with the technologies and the times, we have seen an erosion in our value systems which is increasingly leading to workers who feel unfulfilled, burned out, and stifled.

Indigenous Principles as a Circle

Balanced Is Answers the Question of How to Motivate Employees

Balanced Is answers the question of how to motivate employees through an integration of universal principles of Indigenous Society to the modern business world as a powerful force of culture change. Through our deep integration into the worlds of both Indigenous and business culture, together with savvy business understandings and strategies we have created a non-linear process of adapting Indigenous Principles in a real-world way to the modern organization. We enable and empower companies to become more adaptable, nimble, innovative, and to develop inspiring cultures that speak to the intrinsic motivations of employees, as well as to develop brand loyalty from all its constituents.

We do this through workshops, facilitation sessions, and ongoing coaching. To find out more about how we do this visit For more on our services click here.

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