Changing Corporate Culture

While it is becoming increasingly known and accepted that changing corporate culture is the most powerful way we can effect business performance and long-term vitality of our organizations, the process or method for doing so remains elusive for most and is akin to finding the golden goose. The short answer is that there is a very definite way of changing corporate culture, and it takes time and consistent effort as we have to make the process of changing corporate culture one of our highest priorities.

Changing Corporate Culture Through Indigenous Principles

For hundreds of thousands of years Indigenous people have lived in perfect harmony with nature and for the most part each other. Encoded within the DNA of Indigenous culture was a mechanism for passing their cultural principles and values on throughout the generations without cultural drift. Culture drift in the corporate world results from a lack of an encoding in the framework of an organization’s make-up, which provides for the continuation and enhancement of its culture. Changing corporate culture can therefore be accomplished most powerfully by practicing Indigenous Principles and applying them to business. By applying Indigenous Principles to our business practices, changing corporate culture becomes a daily practice of ingraining the principles and values that drives our greatest success.

Indigenous Principles as a Circle

Changing Corporate Culture Through a Redefinition of Success

The most challenging catalyst to launching a program for changing corporate culture is to begin by redefining success. All to often success is narrowly defined by financial performance, even though there is solid research that has shown that broadening our objectives beyond financial performance leads to healthier, longer-lasting organizations. Changing corporate culture therefore begins by expanding objectives to include the fulfillment and happiness of our employees, deeper relationships with our suppliers and vendors, building and enhancing customer relations, and strengthening our ecological balance. This is the first step and a necessary catalyst to launching a concerted process for changing corporate culture. It is also a challenging step as it requires us to question our core value systems for doing business.

Changing Corporate Culture With Balanced Is

Through years of deep immersion in both the corporate world and the Indigenous realm we have devised a system for integration of thirteen universal Principles from Indigenous Society, which when taken as a whole have the power to bring about culture shift on an order of magnitude rarely seen in the business world. Our system is a codification of Indigenous Principles that are directly applicable to business. These principles enable an encoding into the DNA of an organization with the ability, not only for changing corporate culture, but to carry it forward through changes in staffing, leadership, industry, environment, and a changing economic landscape. Through speaking, interactive and engaging workshops, and leadership coaching we can help you develop and evolve your culture leading to high performance and a lasting legacy. Click here for a list of services.

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