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Glenn Geffcken

Glenn Geffcken’s Bio

Drawing from a varied career in both large and small business with a background in sales, business development, sponsorship, large scale event production, publishing, and sustainability, Glenn has a keen ability to help business leaders and professionals cut through hidden dynamics that block progress and bring to light those things which open leaders to new possibilities…more

Glenn Geffcken’s Story

There was a moment in time, not precisely defined, when I came to the awareness that the time I had been spending on Native American reservations, in ceremonies, time with elders, and with my adopted Navajo family was contributing to my business career in ways I could never have foreseen. I was discovering that these two seemingly disparate tracks in life were actually congruent in some ways and that the Indigenous ways were leading me to a place of greater ease, confidence, intuition, creativity, leadership, and vision…more

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Maria Rueda’s Bio

Maria is an intuitive. She senses in people those deeply seated things that block them from progressing. She is a woman of great wisdom and heart-based communication, and can cut to the core of what blocks progress with gentleness and compassion…more

Maria Rueda’s Story

Having been born in Mexico and immigrating to the United States when I was nine years old, my journey has been different than most children born here in the U.S. My focus in school wasn’t so much about learning my ABCs, but rather learning the English language and assimilating into the culture. Learning the language for me was a success, as was assimilation into the culture. I found myself living in two worlds. One world was living at home with parents who did not speak the English language and staying close to our Mexican culture…more

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