Maria’s Story

 Having been born in Mexico and immigrating to the United States when I was nine years old, my journey has been different than most children born here in the U.S. My focus in school wasn’t so much about learning my ABCs, but rather learning the English language and assimilating into the culture.

Learning the language for me was a success, as was assimilation into the culture. I found myself living in two worlds. One world was living at home with parents who did not speak English and attempted to stay close to our Mexican culture. Our Apache heritage, however, was not acknowledged, because being an Indian was not safe and then eventually it evolved to being a disgrace. The other world I lived in was being in an English speaking country and a culture very different than the one I had known thus far.

“As we work together, we practice living in balance. We talk through things that we become aware of in our business and in our life.”
At the time I couldn’t have said that I was grateful to have the gift of living in two cultures and speaking two languages, because it wasn’t looked upon as a great thing. I came to believe that I didn’t belong here and I wasn’t welcome, therefore most of my life I denied who I was.

Maria Listening
Today I live a different truth. I am a Mexican-Apache woman who has come to know the importance of being who I am in whatever world I happen to be in. I know today that I have a purpose to fulfill and a gift to give to the world.

Meeting and marrying Glenn has been a gift and a blessing. He has helped me find my way back to my Indigenous heritage and to the ceremonies, which is where I feel completely at home. He was able to bring the two worlds together for me. What I have always known in my heart he has helped me put into words.

As we work together, we practice living in balance. We talk through things that we become aware of in our business and in our life. We respect each other’s space and input. Our longing and desire is to share with the world what we have experienced and learned, that there is a way to live in harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives.

Bringing the Indigenous Principles into the business world is the work that Glenn and I have been called to do. Our work is to invite people to reclaim their authenticity, to find balance in their personal life, and in their work.

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