About Maria

Maria RuedaMaria Geffcken was born in Mexico and immigrated to the states when she was nine years old. Her journey has been that of personal growth to discover and embrace where she came from and where she is now.

Having spent many years in the corporate world and self-discovery, today Maria aspires to do work that matters. Making a difference in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

Maria is an intuitive. She senses in people those deeply seated things that block them from progressing. She is a woman of great wisdom and heart-based communication, and can cut to the core of what blocks progress with gentleness and compassion.

Maria offers a balance to Glenn’s business savvy and systems approach. Together they form a whole and are able to bridge the gap from the ancient teachings to the modern world, from the analytical to the intuitive, and from the mind to heart.

Maria writes Transcending Single Stories blog, which is about acknowledging and transcending the single stories that keep us small.

I Have Seen It All

Recently I had the opportunity to reflect on my original vision of blogging about Single Stories, and where that vision came from. It has been a year and five months since my first blog, Transcending Single Stories, and I have been inspired to write many more since...

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Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin? I sit here, fingers on keyboard asking for guidance as to what to write. It has been nearly two months since my last blog, “Everything Is Changing, All At Once,” and I’ve struggled to find the words to express what I’ve been experiencing as the dust...

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Look At All That Pain

Have you ever wondered what pain looks like? I hadn’t really thought about the different faces of pain until recently while attending a women’s retreat. Prior to this retreat, if I was to be asked what I thought pain looked like, I would have said that it looks like...

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