In times of plenty we rejoice in the knowing that we’re on the right track. In times of uncertainty we tend to look for the flaw in our strategy, the thing we missed or the stone unturned.

In times of shortfall we tend to cave further into the abyss of, “What are we doing wrong?” “What needs to change?” “Whose fault is it anyway?”

What if we’re on the right track all along, and it doesn’t matter whether there is plenty or not enough? What if the track of, “I’m doing what I believe in” will inevitably lead us to a destination that brings not just “enough”, but “I’ve grown from this experience.”

If the path is, “I believe in what I’m doing”, then regardless of the strategy, tactic or team dynamic, we are always on the right track, because no matter where the path leads us, we will either prosper or learn.

And learning, by the way, can also be viewed as a form of prospering, as the one who is wise is also rich in heart and soul.

Doing purposeful work means (fundamentally) that we will be doing our work differently than others.

What is the aim after all? Is it material gain at the expense of doing work we believe in? Is it material gain that flows from doing purposeful work? Or is it just doing purposeful work—showing up for it, giving it all we have and knowing that the outcome is in the input.

When we do the work we believe in—the purposeful work—we can do no less than be joyful. It’s only when we question the process—that we measure our success by comparison to others, or question whether we’re on the right track because what we’re doing doesn’t seem like it’s the way it’s “supposed” to be done—when we lose sight of our vision and fall into fear, worry and self judgment.

Doing purposeful work means (fundamentally) that we will be doing our work differently than others. That’s not a bad thing, but rather it means we’re on the right track.

It’s not that the right track is merely doing work differently than others, but rather that our authentic work is different and unique. It’s the shade of color that defines itself subtly and distinctly from the infinite realm of human expression.

It’s what makes it truly our own (individually and as a team).

And . . . it’s also what makes us stand out, which by the way, is the goal of every marketer.