Have you ever heard this famous quotation?

“If you think the way you’ve always thought,
Then you’re going to feel the way you’ve always felt,
And if you feel the way you’ve always felt,
Then you’re going to do what you’ve always done,
And if you do what you’ve always done,
Then you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten.
Got it?” — Author Unknown

I heard these words twenty plus years ago and I found them quite profound. I understood them intellectually, and thought to myself, “Well of course, this makes sense.” However, actually putting these words into practice in my life has taken a lot longer than the instant identification with the meaning of this quote.

I hadn’t really thought about these words until recently when I was having a conversation with my son about a particular friend of his who has been banned from our home. He asked if this friend is still banned, and I responded, “What has changed?”

The details of the conversation with my son are not as important as the reminder of the need to change my thinking if I want to change my life. In the case of my son’s friend, I simply noticed that nothing has changed, and it reminded me that if nothing changes, nothing changes.

The process of changing my thinking and my actions is a life journey—offering many challenges and many gifts along the way.

So, what are you thinking right now?