New Definitions

Those we work in community with, instead of coworkers

Those we admire, instead of talent

The motion of people and things, instead of business

Communicating our vision, instead of marketing

Helping others for their greatest good, instead of sales

The fluid measurement of revenue and expenses, instead of profit and loss statement

People working in support of others, instead of human resources

Discovering areas to improve, instead of weakness

Opportunities for learning, instead of mistakes

Opportunities for letting go of fear, instead of threats

Living our unique gifts, instead of strengths

Others sharing our vision, instead of competitors

Living our vision, instead of market domination

Opportunities for letting go and trusting, instead of leverage

The road we walk together, instead of strategy

Living and working in a dynamic world, instead of S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

The Language We Use

The language we use is important to the energy we convey, and yet the language of business is most often harsh and impersonal.

What we know from indigenous culture is that all their languages are based more on verb than noun, and then within their languages are metaphors. Rather than boxing things into narrowly understood terms they give meaning and life to their language through metaphor and story.

“It’s been said that culture is contained in language.”

This different way of communicating is why it has been so difficult for many Western thinking people to truly understand indigenous values and how they elegantly apply to every aspect of living. It is also why the realm of business is so foreign to indigenous people.

And yet those legendary innovators of leadership who rock our world by transcending expectations, they understand the language of metaphor and stubbornly refuse to be boxed into narrowly defined paradigms.

It’s been said that culture is contained in language. Therefore, redefining the language of business is what will take us to the next level of deepening culture and transforming the world of business so that every company can authentically innovate.

Reshaping our language from harsh definitions to delicious words—this is the starting point.

Tip of the Week

Look for and discover one term or phrase in your commonly used vocabulary that is a noun, a static term used to define the meaning of something in your professional life that is in fact fluid and dynamic. Then re-write your definition of this term or phrase by shaping it into an action or a movement. You can use one of the new definitions in this blog and come up with your own definition for it, or find one unique to your work to redefine it. And please share your new definition in the comments.