Lately I’ve been experiencing seemingly random and unconnected events occurring in my life—going off like popping bubbles of goodness. You know, like those bottles we used to play with when we were kids with the plastic circle that we would blow through to make large bubbles that float for a few seconds and then pop. Well, maybe you still play with them, as they never seem to loose their appeal.

There is just something about those popping bubbles that make us feel happy. I don’t think it’s pleasure, like the drinking of a really good cup of coffee, or driving a really amazing car (or motorcycle in my case), or tiramisu. No, I think the bubbles truly bring us happy feelings, like the Pharrell Williams or Bobby McFerrin songs that make us want to get up and boogie. (Okay, I admit I’m somewhat of a product of the Disco era.)

The intersection between popping bubbles of goodness, life balance, and realizing our dreams has to begin with a recognition of the simple happy moments—a kind email from a friend, a positive acknowledgement from a client, a new business deal, a new insight or inspiration, a new connection with a likeminded person, a small success, lunch with an old friend, a brief moment of uninhibited laughter, and maybe tiramisu with a loved one that enables the eating experience to transcend pleasure to fulfillment in the sharing of the gift.

I think if we look carefully enough we will see popping bubbles of goodness all through our lives. Even in our darkest hours of despair we can still find the goodness. And when we choose to recognize those moments more frequently and simply accept them for the gifts that they are, we open the door to greater magic and more bubbles showing up all the time. And as we do, we can ask the question, “How does it get any better than this?”

May your bubbles be abundant.