In times of great need and controversy we tend to define ourselves by how we meet our challenges. And in times of fear and panic, we will inevitably exemplify our true character.

As we strive to find greater balance in life, to find our blissful endeavors in the world, and to realize our dreams, we are always defining our character by the nature of how we meet our challenges and recover from our mistakes.

How is it then that when the chips are down that we tend (more often than not) to descend to the doldrums of despair, rather than to relish in the victory of learning?

I have rarely observed an instance in which a first attempt was completely successful. I have seen and experienced that rising from the ashes of defeat brings a renewal of dignity and an invigoration of spirit. And when we’re down…when we’re all the way down…there is only one direction to move in.

The truly happy people in life are those who follow their bliss. We know this though don’t we? We’ve heard it from so many wise and successful people, from Carl Jung to Tony Robbins to Marianne Williamson to Mastin and so many more.

So what’s stopping you from following your love, your authentic work in the world that would get you so excited to do, that you would spring from bed in the morning with the excitement of a nine year old.

What’s stopping you?

And an important related question: How will you meet your challenges and deal with false starts, detours, and fits of confusion along the way?

Maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit for who you are?

The victory of defeat is to know that we are always learning, growing, and evolving. The agony of defeat comes only when we shrink from our failures.

Maybe now is the time to follow your bliss?