For those who have read Eckhart Tolle the concept of the “now” is very familiar, as it’s his universal mantra. I mention this because I’ve found that seemingly everything in our modern-day lives serves as a potential distraction from the “now” in the sense that Eckhart defines it, and yet what brings me the most fulfillment is being in just that place called “now.”

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. Truth be told, I’ve been rather busy with both holiday preparations and my consulting work, and started thinking (or telling myself) that I could go on hiatus for a short spell while slogging through immediate objectives and resume again in a few weeks.

Yet the concept of “Holistic Balance” as I’ve defined it, incorporates a balancing of objectives including integrity, lifestyle, sustainability, relationships and fulfillment. The ever-present objective of “profitability” is incorporated within the lifestyle objective, as the true purpose of abundant capital is really about the lifestyle it affords us, not the cash itself.

Yet I digress.

The awareness I’m having is that within the balancing of objectives each objective carries equal weight, which means that to set aside one creative endeavor, in this case writing this blog which brings me great fulfillment, in the interest of serving other objectives, is itself an act of being out of balance.

So today I send you this note, do not sacrifice what you feel deeply passionate about, that which stirs your creative juices, that thing you can’t wait to do which challenges your limitations and sense of what you’re capable of accomplishing, for the sake of utility, meeting deadlines or appeasing others.

Strut your stuff, share your mojo and have a great day. Then perhaps you’ll find, as I have, that in doing that vision work, that work you love to do, the joy of it will bring you into the now.