I heard a much gentler and more palatable way of referring to opinions recently, “That they are like noses, we all have them.” As opinions flow from our belief systems, and as we all hold widely varying beliefs, it stands to reason that the reality we envision, which flows from our beliefs and our opinions, are non-static and vary based on perspective.

We’ve all heard the analogy of people sitting around a table drawing a picture of an object in the center, and that all the pictures are different based on perspective, yet all uniquely accurate.

If we know this, then why should it be so difficult to shift our belief systems and opinions? What is it about beliefs that we hold onto so dearly, almost as if letting go will somehow diminish or invalidate our worth? This of course is not rational, yet the inner workings of the human mind often lacks rationality.

Is it not that we construct an inner web of opinions and beliefs, that collectively effect our daily thought process, which in turn guides our emotional interactions with people and the decisions we make? What if we pick a belief that we have held fast and true for some time, and deliberately choose to change it, at least temporarily? For example, what if we take the belief of scarcity, or that certain kinds of people are to be avoided, or that certain situations bring hardship, and for just a moment, or perhaps a day or a week, we change it. We can always return to our old belief if the feeling of it fails to resonate with us.

If we are truly confident in our beliefs, it shouldn’t bother us to try on a different mindset for size. We can try it on and see how it feels, and maybe just maybe, we might see ourselves take on a new reality based on this new belief system. Or stated more simply, we can change the world if we change our minds.